Hot Water Tanks

Our experts can repair or replace your current water heater, or replace it with a new, endless-supply tankless water heater.

Installing a tankless hot water heater can save up to 40% of the energy currently used by a standard hot water heater. These compact and efficient water heaters will never run out of hot water! They are conveniently installed on the wall to save space in addition to saving money! We can also assist in replacing your current hot water tanks system with high efficiency conventional hot water heaters. If you are in need of hot water tank repairs, or are needing to replace your current water heater, call Allied Plumbing today!

Tank and Tankless Water heater installations

Plumbing Service Information

Our five star rated plumbing services are available 24/7 with a $95 Dispatch Fee. We’ll give you a price upfront, and waive the Dispatch Fee when repairs are made! The price we quote is the price you pay guaranteed; no hidden fees, no surprises!

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