Clogs in your kitchen sink may occur from grease build up or by putting the wrong things down the disposal.

Avoid putting coffee grounds, potato peels, celery, lettuce, rice or pasta noodles in the disposal. So many people think that the garbage disposal is a wood chipper and can hold up against anything you throw at it. This is just not true and you should take this warning seriously. Nothing is worse than a stinky and messy kitchen sink clog. So, prevention is always the best medicine.

The first go-to tool in anyone’s home for a clogged sink or toilet is the plumber’s helper. You might want to try a plumber’s helper – or plunger as some call it – to unclog the obstruction. Use caution when doing this. If you over work the tool it might damage the pipes.

You might also try Vinegar and Soda in a mixture found on the internet to loosen up the clog before you try the plumber’s helper so you don’t have to work the tool too hard.

If you are still having trouble, it is best to call the plumber who will have the necessary tools to do the job.