Cold weather and hot showers are the best! But if your water heater is on its way out or broken it’s a cold shower for YOU.

First, how hot should your water heater be?

Most tank heaters recommend a water temperature of 120 degrees. If you turn it down too low to save energy it might encourage bacteria growth throughout your plumbing system. So, having the temperature set right is healthy. Also, setting it too high can cause the possibility of scalding.

It’s not working!

A simple check to see if your electric water heater is plugged in might solve your problem. If that doesn’t work, see if the breaker has been tripped. If it’s a gas unit do you see the pilot light burning? then it might just need to be re-lit. If that doesn’t work, see if the breaker has been tripped.

Nope, not that!

If everything looks fine and seems to be on and connected to the energy source that heats the water -electric or gas- then you may need the water heater worked on or replaced. Some of the common reasons the work needs to be done is that the heating element may be crusted over with mineral deposits, or have completely burned out. The dip tube may have deteriorated, or the temperature control valve may be faulty. Only a professional plumber can tell you for sure.


Many times, it is something simple and your qualified plumber can diagnose that quickly and make a simple repair for as little as a service call. However, if you have a home maintenance insurance policy or if the unit is newer you may have a warrantee to cover the replacement cost or repair. Regardless, you’re going to need hot water, call the plumber!

If you’re unit needs to be replaced, trust the experts at Allied. Though a bigger initial investment, installing a tankless hot water heater can save up to 40% of the energy currently used by your standard hot water heater. Compact and efficient, with these heaters you will never run out of hot water! They are conveniently installed on the wall and can save you space as well as money! We can also assist in replacement of your current system and install high efficiency conventional hot water heaters from Rheem.

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