Some cleaners provide their own equipment and products and some use what you provide.

Establish expectations beforehand and if there are any surfaces that would be damaged by harsh chemicals or abrasives, have the discussion early.

Cleaning Products and Your Home’s HVAC System

Cleaning chemicals in general must be used in properly ventilated spaces to prevent fumes from accumulating to dangerous levels. Many cleaning products, even all-natural ones, have scents that may irritate you, your family or those doing the work. Some are downright toxic. Ensure that your home’s ventilation system is in good working order before getting started.

Cleaning Products and Your Home’s Plumbing System

Everything used to clean your home will inevitably end up down the drain. Some harsh chemicals can corrode pipes (depending on the material). Older pipes may start leaking and newer pipes will have shorter lifespans. Ensure that your
drainage system is in a good condition and make repairs where necessary. If you’re not sure what the pipe material is, have a professional take a look and do your due diligence before allowing anything harsh to go down the drain.

If you need help getting your home’s HVAC and plumbing systems ready for you to bring in that cleaner, give us a call and we can help prevent any issues.